Sadly, many people continue to get fooled by these replica baseballs.  With this latest one, someone is out a whopping $12,500.  The seller claims it was in his collection for years and came from his grandfather who supposedly got it from Rotman Collectibles with which I am unfamiliar.  

I really believe this is a replica.  Look at the pics, and decide for yourself.  Let me know what you think.

Also, if this were real, it would be worth a whole lot more than $12,500 being that it is a very nice, very bold, and pretty white single-signed Ruth baseball.

Heres a link to the sale:

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Whatever this is, it's retraced/re-inked, and sloppily. So sloppily that going back and forth with the ink, they destroyed the gap in the 'R' and had to gouge the ink out to clean it up. Look at the channel that was cut between the two legs of the 'R'. You can see that the depth of the surface is deeper than the surrounding area, like a scratch to get rid of the ink that flowed between the legs of the ''R' in the re-inking. Horrible job.


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