Nathan Johnson (composer) and Rian Johnson (writer/director) visit Amoeba Hollywood to meet fans and sign copies of the limited-edition version of Glass Onion Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Purchase your copy in-store at Amoeba Hollywood on January 11th to attend!

Anyone able to help a brother out? 

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I just finished watching both Knives Out movies, love them! 

Let's hope they offer these online at some point.

I'm kind of hoping that since I post a lot of deals on here that some L.A. local might help me out. I know it's a longshot.  

I Love the Knives Out films. 

Here's the signed print they did for the Knives Out soundtrack at Amoeba in 2019. I never saw Amoeba post them online, so this ended up being a rare eBay purchase for me.

Not to sound like a jerk, but no one’s gonna go purchase it and then return later in the day to have it signed after waiting in line… and then either give it to you or sell it for retail as it’s one per person. This is going to be an all day thing pretty much. I might sit it out. 

Rusty Buckle

Nobody said retail.  But some folks will frequently have people attend with them for things like this and get several.  I also have a pretty nice stack of trade bait.  Not everyone has a strictly monetary mentality.   

Given that I've posted finds like Bono, Brian Johnson, RHCP, Brian May, Steven Tyler, etc. here for the benefit of others I like to think that builds up some karma. Not everyone is purely transactional.  Some folks get on message boards like this to share their hobby and build relationships.

In fact, I think you found out B&N had the Alchemist on BF  and Julie Andrews was available at Southampton harbor books due to my posts.

I get what you’re saying but at the same time you can’t really compare posting on a message board… to actually spending an entire day waiting in line and all only to give your single item away or return a favor. Unless you really know the other person, it just doesn’t make any sense. But good luck to OP. 

You may be right.  I may have to pull one of my extras from my stash to make a deal. With things like this, I can frequently find someone to pick me up something at cost and I toss one of my popular extras their way as a finder's fee. It's what comes from building relationships.  Sadly I have more relationships on the East Coast than on the West Coast. 

And I'll move on to the next thing if a fair deal can't be had. I mean it's  Rian Johnson-not Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorcese.  And there's always the possibility Amoeba will drop a few on their website. But in any case, It it's meant to be it'll happen. 

If not, I'll grab the next big things that speak to me and try to keep helping others as much as I can. Even though that is inconsistent with the view of many in the collector community. 

Very cool.  Thanks for sharing, Quadropheniac.



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