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UK only?

Yes, sorry I should have included that in the original post. I hadn't actually noticed to be honest as my order just went through smoothly - I am in the UK. Now updated.

No prob. Thanks though.. 

Thank you for posting! Got one!

Thats made my weekend !!! Thankyou so much . The carpenters have a special place in my heart ! 

Received today along with other orders via Forward Via. The signature looks good (ordered from Decca).

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Very nice! 

It is still available

Thanks, I’m in US and says not deliverable here…no worries, I was able to get the signed Carpenters book a couple months back. 

Arrived today. Nice signature, although looks like the pen was running out. At least he didn’t grab a yellow one like Elton!

It is great to see that he put in effort to do a full signature, unlike many nowadays.


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