Not sure this is normal or not, but got to meet Richard Dreyfuss yesterday in Toronto. Presented him with my What About Bob poster and he went on a rant about Bill Murray and was saying how much of an a$$hole he thought he was. He then proceeded to scribble out his name and face and then signed my poster. I couldn't believe what I saw. If He hates the guy so much, suck it up and keep it to yourself and say, I don't sign What About Bob items. Don't take your frustrations to the fans and wreck their posters. Very classless and unprofessional in my opinion.

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I once asked Nicola Bryant, who played a companion on Doctor Who in the mid-80s, to sign a terrible charity single that the cast did called "Doctor In Distress." It was a "We Are The World"-style track with cast members and various no-names singing on it (the only musician on it who went on to greatness was a then-unknown Hans Zimmer on synth). Anyway, her one line was awful and there was no hiding it, but it was just one bad performance among many.

So like I said, I asked her to sign it at a convention, and she actually asked "Mind if I deface your record?"

I said "Sure, go ahead," so she scribbled out the "ist" in "Distress" and added a caret and an "A" between "in" and "distress"—and then signed her name.

I had to ask, "Um, what does that mean?"

She looked at me with a grin and said, "Now it reads 'Doctor In A Dress'—because even seeing the Doctor in a dress would be less revolting than this song."



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