I had never heard of Ricky Wright until I stumbled across an auction on eBay of a 1987 Topps PSA/DNA slabbed auto of his.  The card is at almost $1500 with over 8 hours left. I was shocked so I googled Wright and found out he has a 3-3 lifetime record and never did anything of consequence on the field, but after a little research I found a completed auction for a raw IP '87 that went for over $5000, allegedly purchased by Olberman. So when I did a little more research I found that Wright apparently won't sign his Topps cards, only Fleer. Just wondering if anyone knows any more about this or has any similar stories? It's all very interesting to me. 

Here's the link for the raw card. 


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My first instinct is that there was some pretty wild shill bidding at play here.  Something ain't right.

I don't care what his signing habits are, the price makes no sense at all.  

Something seems awfully fishy to me too. The seller of the slabbed card has 1 feedback on eBay and that's from buying a Chinese screen protector for a phone. Very strange. 

Same person appears to be winning the slabbed auction that won the raw card. 

I guess it only takes two people who REALLY want it to drive the price sky high, but wouldn't it almost be better to just offer Wright five grand and watch him sign your own gem mint card?

I understand the possibility of someone really wanting to complete a set (though 87 Topps seems like a pretty mediocre choice).  Regardless, this is what doesn't make sense:

1) Wright's still alive.  He could still change his mind.

2) Authenticity on the autograph seems to be questionable at best.

3) This guy seems to be a virtual nobody in MLB history.

I'm reading some stories about how hardcore these card set collectors can be.  Again, if there is some market for it however small, and passionate collectors with wads of cash are determined to own it, then I guess anything's possible.



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