OK just found this after many years. This autograph was personally obtained by me in 1980 on an Air France flight to Nice, France in which Ringo Starr was also a passenger. I was a shy 17 year old so it wasn't easy, but I did it.

Though I know it's provenance as they say how does the autograph look to you? I am sure it wasn't the easiest signing on a plane! Also, would be curious the best place to gauge it's value. I have only viewed sales on eBay many of which are hidden. If this is the wrong forum I can post in the proper one.

Thanks again,


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Awesome. I’d say it’s worth maybe 500-700

Was a cool moment for a shy teenager that's for sure. Thanks for the reply.

Great story, great memento. 

The card looks trimmed on one side.  Probably doesn't affect value, but it's a shame it was (apparently) cut.

I think it’s trimmed on two sides - the left and the bottom. My thinking is someone cut it to fit in an album or something. It’s too bad, I agree. 

You are correct. I trimmed around it to fit into the autograph book I got as a child. At least I didn't use scotch tape over any of the handwriting as I did some other autographs I taped into the book! Those my grandfather got for me and I didn't know any better.

Unfortunately I was young and didn't know any better at the time. I believe I wanted it to fit into my autograph book thus trimmed it. At least I didn't cut off any of the handwriting!

Good thing the signed part is unaffected. I am thinking it won’t affect value since if one were to display this the left side would be cropped out anyway. 

Good to know thanks. Yeah I think a local collector might well purchase it. I gauged the value decently it seems. Hopefully he can display it properly too as it's been packed away literally since I obtained it forty-two years ago.

Fingers crossed!

Speaking of selling, where do you sell? It’s unfortunate the selling forums here are deserted. eBay is too annoying with all its fees and such. 

Yeah. He has seen photographs so should understand the condition. I am also at the low end of my valuation. I use the phone app OfferUp. This would be my first autograph sale, but have sold many other items via the app. They are just starting to advertise on TV so that might help their reach. Just like Craigslist doesn't have the selling power it used to. I post some things there and have sold one thing there in years. So OfferUp it has been.

Yeah, not unreasonable.  

By nature I look for the flaws but that is not to say there are not a lot of positives.

The important points are that you thought to ask for it, and you didn't destroy it along the way.  

The buyer will probably frame it for the inscription and signature, anyway.



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