Hi everyone! Just some days ago I received a Ringo signed poster what received pretty bad feedback in some forums I showed. Indeed, there were clear signs that there was something wrong in the natural way of writing.Specially with the "g" of Ringo and the "L" from Love. I attached pictures of the analysis that was already made

I ask for your help now as the supplier has provided me with these 3 other examples and while they don't show the specific bad signs I found in the previous ones, I'm definitely not an expert on Ringo Starr autograph. I've numbered them 1 to 3 so you are easily able to tell what you think of each of them.

I thank you all in advance for your sincerity.

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Ringo stopped signing in 2016, so 5 years ago. That's another reason the style might be slightly different. I think you can hold your poster with confidence. If you want a professional opinion, Roger Epperson is one of the top Beatles experts and he'll give you his online opinion for $15.

The 3 last examples are terrific, as two other members already said above. They were refering to the examples, not to the poster.

The one on the poster looks off for several reason: the R is not written in one flow, but in 3 parts, the G is wrong, it has a star (which Ringo hasn’t done for years), and it looks competely different than the Ringo Rocks book he signed in late 2020. Ringo stopped signing for fans in 2016, but he was and is still signing huge amounts of items such as books and artwork. No way did his style change. He is VERY consistent. In my opinion the poster is NOT signed by Ringo, despite the COA. The photograph of Ringo signing some of these doesn’t prove anything imo.

I would be very surprised if that wasn't real.

Why? Just because it has a COA? Have you seen any of the recent autographs in the new book, proving that Ringo’s style hasn’t changed. Plus see above where Julio compares some known genuine examples with those on the poster. I wouldn’t want this for free to be honest...the 3 lower examples are fine imo, as other members also said.

Ringo didn’t stop signing in 2016, he only stopped doing so for his fans but he has been signing books and artworks and his style HAS always VERY consistent.

I don't care about the COA. I'm giving my opinion. Could I be wrong? Yes, of course, but I don't think I am. 



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