A Few weeks ago,  I listed these George Harrisson/Ringo Starr autographs on Ebay. Before the listing, i paid for a "PSA/DNA "Quick Opinion" to make sure they were genuine, and the reult came back "Likely Genuine".

They sold after 4 days on a "Buy It Now" basis, the buyer paid, and i sent the autographs.  A week or so later, the buyer opened a case against me saying that the autographs were fakes.  His reason for doing this is because he had tried to resell these same autographs for sale on Ebay, and Ebay had removed his listing while it was live, because they had recieved reports the autographs were fake.

Although the Ebay case is still open, i am willing to refund his money ASAP if the signatures are not genuine.

My dilemma is that Ebay had no issues with me when i listed autographs, and i have the PSA "Likely Genuine" opinion, but i can also see the buyers point of view, that Ebay will not allow him to resell them because they say they are fakes!

Opinions on the authenticity of these autographs would be very helpful for me, to decide if i should refund ! (Also, any opinions on wether you would refund in my position,would be intereting to hear)

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Who cares if if looks bad? Lmfao I sure do if it my money. That sounds like Gladstone's motto lol

@ lgee

Do you have any informations when (year) and possibly where the sigs are written? It would be easier to appraise.

It's funny to read all the different opinions and especially of PSA "likely genuine"! Why not "likely not genuine"? It's the same nonsense and people pay for! If I ask my mother (89) she would give the same stupid statement for a glass of wine.

@Devon Laney

In this case you haven't seen often genuine autographs of Ringo with the loop in the "t". How many genuine want you to see: 10 or 20 or more with the loop? 

Alexander, I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say.  If someone can translate, I'll be happy to respond.

I didn't mean the owner of these signatures shouldn't care. I mean -- why should WE all care?

You're all about buying and selling autographs. Yet, people log on here for our expert opinions. How about we reserve our opinions for the collector that doesn't want to get screwed? Not the person that wants to get a good deal, and sell them for more on Ebay.

any opinion rendered on these signatures is, like with any other non-witnessed autograph, merely an opinion.  Certainly, these could have both been signed by Ringo and George, but neither are consistent with known samples.  If anyone takes the time to do the research, they will come up with the same conclusion. so if they were not witnessed, and they are not consistent, in my opinion, they are not collectible.


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