Hi! Would appreciate your help on this Ringo Starr, said to been signed approx 25 years ago. Do you think it’s real or fake?

And if real, what would a fair price for an autograph like this be? It can be bought for $235, would that be a good price or not in your opinion?

Thanks for helping!

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looks good

Looks good IMO

Looks good to me as well...

This looks genuine.

It looks real to me too.

Thanks everyone, much appreciated! Any advice on the price, is $235 to much?

That's way above market value so too expensive...

Where is it for sale?


Just kidding, these normally sell for between 300 and 400 so this is a (very) good price. But it ultimately comes down to what someone wants to pay for it. Personally I'm not a big fan of these solo Ringo cd's with his shorter graph. But I like it better than those self portraits of which he signed like a 100k from :-).


Thank you Bjorn!!



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