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Oh ok thanks- one last thing. Is it better to get it authenticated first and once it passes, then cut out the page and send it in to get slabbed so you don’t run the risk of ruining the book?

Eric probably isn't the best guy to ask.. he will say leave the book uncut if the book is not damaged

That said, authenticating an autograph should be based on the autograph alone and not the media its placed on. So it shouldnt matter. Its either real or not

Thanks- yea I’m doing it because I likr my stuff slabbed. Not a big fan of signee books 

so including proof of authenticity and isbn really doesn’t matter to psa huh

Pay for authentication in the book then cut it out and recertify it? These companies must love you!

The book is ruined once the cut is made and the context lost.

Haha yea they prob do. I thought to verify the book, get the sticker on the page, THEN cut the page knowing it’s psa certified and encapsulate it. Instead of risking cutting the book for no reason then they throw it at my face and say they can’t authenticate it 

"...Instead of risking cutting the book for no reason then they throw it at my face and say they can’t authenticate it ..."

From that statement I wonder why you care about these opinions at all.If it's rigid protection you are after one can slab their own coins - I'm sure there are rigid protecive tombs to put your graphs in. Use the money you'd use on fees! :-)

If PSA authentication is that important to you, let me ask this.. what would you do with a failed book? What would you do with a failed cut? If you rely on PSAs opinion regardless, either way, it seems in your eyes, its probably worthless anyways. Would it matter to you if you had a failed book vs a failed cut?

There is a market for cuts. Some people will say otherwise but I have purchased cuts in certain situations.. SNL cast members and other celebrities where I was trying to complete everyone from a certain movie. I did this for mat projects. I am guilty of cutting books and still will for the cheap mass produced tip-ins and bookplates. But have stopped completely with anything with value or a rare item 

I do not deal with PSA too much but I do have another question.. from what I learned, slabbed items do not come with a full LOA. Is this correct? Whoever you are trying to authenticate, would you want a full LOA and be slabbed? Would this be the only way to get it done? If so, the PSA fanboys would love this type of item

What would you do if this brand tanked?

Exactly.. but i guess you could break the slab and remove the item.. stickers can be removed usually if you are careful and know what you are doing. Theres a risk of unnecessary damage.. honestly, if he plans to sell anytime soon, i dont think he needs to worry about that.. but if this is an expensive investment being kept 20 years or more, you never know where PSA will be

stickers can be removed usually if you are careful and know what you are doing” - really? I can’t stand those stickers. Sometimes I see an item I want to buy but when it has that sticker on the signed item itself I pass. If there is a safe/careful way to remove them without leaving residue please tell me how?

This knowledge of clean sticker removal can definitely come in handy if I see an item I like but it has that annoying sticker on it. If I know I can remove it without residue or damage left behind that opens up a whole new trove of autographs I can buy. I know removing stickers voids the authentication but I would rather a non-stickered item than a stickered authenticated one. 

I havent had to do it myself but on a forum about GAI stcker removal, ive seen others post about PSA stickers and it was done with nail polish remover carefully, light coats a little at a time. This was on glossy photos. Ill try to see if I can find those posts again. This was a while ago though and they might be hard to locate


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