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Ordered one my first Beatles autograph

Thank you so much!!!

Lol, no. He’s got an art book signed on his art website too. Both books have been available for a while.

Very interesting… so I cut out the page from this book and mailed it into Beckett to get slabbed… they are saying it’s not authentic… It’s very hard to trust Beckett anymore…

Would you mind posting the signature?

I will post a photo of it next week when it returns from Beckett… I’m quite baffled! There’s no chance it’s fake coming from Genesis Publications.

I agree. It’s very shocking that they failed it.

This is the Ringo that failed Beckett…

I can’t imagine why they would fail it. What does it say on the rejection letter?

They didn’t give me a rejection letter like PSA and JSA does, but it might be available online.

Beckett is basically challenging the reputation of Genesis Publications, so I’ll see what Beckett responds with after I emailed them the link of the book… I may get Genesis involved. 

That’s insane, I hope things get sorted out for you 



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