I obtained this from Robert Saunders autographs. He's put it aside for me til end of this month when I'm buying it. Certified by Tom Kramer. There were two for sale, the other more legible so it's more expensive.

I was just wondering have ppl bought from this place before? And anyone have examples close to mine? (I'll attach the second one that's still for sale in a reply)

Saunders is both a uacc RD and aftal dealer, so I have a lot of confidence this is real. Tom emailed me back about it too. 

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Second one (not mine) 

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I have over 20 authentic examples in my collection, including a few I obtained in person and 2 signed movie contracts. He had several different ways of signing, making it sometimes difficult to spot forgeries. I cannot attest to the seller, but I can tell you from my experience, the only one you posted that appears to be most authentic is the 2nd example you posted. Saunders does have a good reputation. PM me for examples or I will post some on here soon.

Hi there. I'm still looking to buy a river autograph. Are you willing to sell any or know someone? 

Hey thanks for replying. This one was originally $697 but they let me go for $600. I've seen a few examples like this.(I would love to see some of your examples and how you got them too please) ☺

I emailed Tom Kramer who authenticated it and his reply was this: Hi Christina.  To the best of my knowledge, and based on comparisons with other exemplars of River Phoenix's signature, these signatures are authentic.  Yes, they are slightly different, but signatures like this were generally obtained in person where the celebrity was on the run to somewhere else where he'd rather be or in a crowd where he was trying to sign as many autographs as possible in as little time as possible, so no two signatures are going to match exactly.  When River Phoenix was just starting out in films, he would sign an autograph in which every letter could be read very clearly.  The signature deteriorated and got more hasty over time.  Many celebrities get bored giving autographs, many today just write their initials.

Tom Kramer
Golden Age Autographs
Sorry I just re-read your post. In person? Awesome! Do you have any photos with River? I'm a member of a few groups on Facebook and have lots of fan friends on Instagram that would love to hear any stories/see any photos.


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