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Amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Received my signed cd today, in only a week from the UK to the US. Signed by the whole band on the inside on the booklet. Really excited to have this one.

They are sending them out from LA, I believe.

This guy is a real weirdo (same with his missus - what a bizzare couple! ). I have coincidently ended up on same flight as King Crimson 2 years ago and tried to engage into small talk with Fripp - he just started to cover his face with a newspaper. Haha. No even chance for him to sign even a piece of paper.

Btw, he also signs aphorisms of your choice (from a long list they have) for 100 GBP from his wife's online store:

I’m excited to have this one too. Was a little surprised to see how different Fripps signature is compared to the one you see where you can read his whole name, but it seems like everything bought direct has this shorter style, anyone know why he has two totally different signatures? Is this common?

I’ve seen items not from his store with just Fripp as well, seems like he just switches styles. Probably just goes “Fripp” when he wants to get it done quickly for the online store. Surprising he even sells signatures knowing how against signing he can be in person. 


Make sure you select the autographed option in the drop down

Yes, I ordered the unsigned by mistake and then ordered the signed cd. It's a little confusing.  I went and cancelled the unsigned cd 



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