Not musician related but thought others may be interested in this!

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Advertising it on social media will just lead to further problems on the site. Regardless of one's views about her, anything signed by her sells out insanely quick - there is always going to be a built-in premium to owning the signature of Harry Potter's creator, even under an alias.

It's like buying a Stephen King book whee he signed it as Richard Bachman and put it up on B&N.

I see one seller on ebay UK has sold 5 copies for over £12000.00 in the last 11 days,  and has another copy on for £2500.00, I  wouldn't be surprised if they bought 50+ copies or more !!! 

I still want to know who is buying these for all that $$ when other signed Corman series novels can be found for well under $400. One even sold under $200 recently.

Possibly a case of the seller "purchasing" it from a bot account and flipping cash back and forth in order to boost their feedback. EBay is full of seller scams -- that's why I refuse to sell anything on there.

Message from Waterstones;

Hey Phil, there isn't anything wrong with it. We just don't have the stock of the book yet. You will get an email once it is on it's way - James

Just had a shipping notification!

Yay - me too!

Signed book has arrived!

Great news! Thanks again for posting this. Still waiting on mine 


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