Robert Kennedy letter - Is it auto-penned or signed by him and what is its value?

Hello folks,

I'm new to this forum and a newbie to collecting.  In fact, I am not a collector of autographs...

I have a 1966 personal letter in pristine conditions received from Robert Kennedy in response for a request I sent him whether he could assist in getting funding for a particular community project in West Virginia where I was serving with VISTA / the Appalachian Volunteers (the seeds of what became the Americorps). This signed letter was accompanied by a letter TO  the senator from the Office of Economic Opportunity about the prospects of funding, which the Senator relates to in his response.  

I discovered when I first took this letter out of its envelop 50 years later (I'm an investigative journalist) that the Senator was PERSONALLY involved with the AVs and even with the specific LOCATION where I was working (Eureka Hollow, West Virginia): Eureka Hollow had been a watershed moment for John Kennedy only a few years earlier.: It was there in Eureka Hollow during the WVa primaries that JFK -- shocked by the poverty he encountered on the porch of a coal miner in this hollow (a moment documented in a news clipping) -- decided to put a war on poverty on his agenda, an endeavor RFK was personally involved in. ((it is unclear whether RFK was physically with his brother when John Kennedy stopped in Eureka Hollow, but RFK was in WVa engaged in his brother's campaign). Thus, this was not simply a 'polite thank you for your letter response...

Moreover, I also have vintage bxw photos I took in 1966 that relate to the content of the letter sent to RFK and there is authentication of the linkages above, quoting from a number of scholarly works.

My question is - first and foremost -- is this an authentic signature, or an auto pen?

Do any members of this forum have any idea what would be the value of such a 'package'?

How can I find an interested buyer who would treasure such an unusual piece of history that could be framed as a triplych with two relevant photos. .

Thanks in advance for any input members can provide.   

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This is very likely autopen.  The signature is very shaky.  I’m not completely certain, but I believe an authentic RFK signed letter would be worth $500- $750 depending on the content of the letter.

Sorry, that is not live ink IMO. Some of it appears like a stamp. Member Herman Darvick is very, very good with this material. Perhaps leave a message on his wall.

It appears to be Autopen, I am out of town and cannot check for sure, the best Autograph Study that I use all the times is from Stephen Koschal and David Ter Molen. It is called Robert F. Kennedy concise Autograph Study. I think you can easily find it, the cost is around $20.



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