I’ve been offered this piece. I’d like some independent opinions. 

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can't see half the signature. At best, its a rushed, messy version, but not one that I would feel comfortable with. 

I agree with Terrier. I doubt this one is authentic.

Wish I could see all the characteristics. The very florid style does look like his signatures post-1970, if his, I'd sat sometime in 1972 but I can't see any of the characteristics clearly enough to recognize where the all-important tells would be.

Just not enough to see here to judge it one way or the other.

Looks like an 8X10 but making sure. Is that the size?

I think it's a bit narrower than 8 by 10. 

I appreciate the input. I passed on it. 

I wouldn't have given it much thought but It's from a long time autograph collector who I've known to only deal with legit items. There is a whole back story to this, which is probably true. But just because somebody had a "connection" to a team or player doesn't mean that the item isn't a secretarial. 

At this point I am going with possible fake/secretarial, not a good example if real. 

Thanks guys. 



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