Rock My Collection “Smells Like Nirvana” on AXS TV Oct 10, 2021

Rock My Collection “Smells Like Nirvana” on AXS TV October 10, 2021. Check it out !!!

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VERY cool :) :) :)  Thanks for posting!

Really cool to see you on there Jeremiah and your pieces are incredible. IMO, his estimates were way off unless this was filmed 2 years ago or something. Even then, $500-$1000 for a perfect unused Unplugged ticket seems laughable.

Thanks BC !!! I had a great time taping the episode. The estimate was conservative. Glad you enjoy it!!!

I've watched every episode of the show and their "appraiser" has been WAY off on many items. ($20,000 for a Hendrix autograph on paper is WAY too high).  A Fleetwood Mac signed guitar with all five - $1000-2000 is WAY too low.  Plenty of other examples that a simple check of past auction results would fix. 

hes a morron doesnt know anything but records. they picked an idiot for the show

I like your collection thanks for sharing it with us. I am glad I was searching for this website online because I want to read essay samples for free and when I was searching for it online, I found your post as well.

there apresier is an idiot



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