I see this site brought up a lot on this site for autograph references.


problem is, who ever this Stephan is he has a load of forgeries up here too. I get messages from people from time to time saying he has offered to sell a member here an item or two and it is never the real stuff imo, it is usually the fake stuff. Greed. He wants money but doesn't want to part with the good stuff.

Eagles are his most famous work. Attached is a screen shot of his fake work (not limited too). Notice how they are the same..... duh. If you look through his stuff he has loads of fake Zeppelin, Beatles, Springsteen, Stones, Floyd and more. Even the so called authentic Traveling Wilbury's is not real. Maybe the George and Petty are ok but 100% not the Lynne and I'm pretty sure the Dylan is bogus also. Anyway, I don't wish to debat about this guy and his ethics but if you are using him a reference be careful and I wouldn't buy anything from the guy either.

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Here are some of the Eagles autographs he has offered for sale to members here:

1. Note the consistent Henley style we see throughout Mr. Duncan's examples, this is not authentic.

1 and 2. Note the Felder style is consistent in these two examples, but it does not match 3, 5 or 6.

1 and 3. Note the Walsh style is consistent in these two, but it does not match 2, 5 or 6.  Look particularly at the "Walsh" part, it is easier to tell.

2. The Schmit we see here is not even close to the ones we see in 1 and 3.

3. Harder to see, but the Glen Frey does not match. This becomes more apparent when you bring in more examples, but compare the 'gl', 'f' and 'y' to the ones found in 1, 2, 5 and 6.

4. Authentic.

5 and 6. Look good, but can't see the Henley to be sure.

Here is another item he has sold to a member here:

Note the same consistent Henley style, and compare the Frey to the one in #3 above.  Also note the authentic Felder here in comparison to #1 and #2 above.

This one also came from him.. I`m not an eagles expert in any way so I would be interested in your opinions.?

Has anyone bought of Mr Duncan and is concerned about the authenticity of their item?

I don't think there's to much damage that's been done as far as someone saying they picked one up that's questionable.

Most people probably don't know.  I'm posting so those people can make informed decisions about their items.  If after everything in this thread they still want to believe their stuff is authentic, so be it.

After what was posted here I asked to return the one I bought for a Refund to era on the side of caution until everything has been resolved.

I don't like the Felder or Walsh.

Bjarte -- is this a CD or LP cover?
When did you purchase it from him?

It`s a Cd cover. Got it from him in August. I didn`t put too much effort into research since I thought Stephen only got his stuff in person.

Today I got a verdict from PSA: Likely not genuine.

Trying to get hold of Stephen now for a refund of course..

May want to check with Roger Epperson first as I've sent PSA many items through their "quick opinion" service and most have failed -- even the ones I knew were probably good. You never know who is looking at your item using that service and they say "not authentic" many times just to be safe. If you send the item to them directly you get a much more informed opinion (although that costs a lot more if it fails). May I ask what you paid for the CD cover?


Since you got it in August, you must have sent it in for a full authentication right?

Unfortunately not.. never had any concerns regarding authenticity untill i saw this discussion. I sent it to quick opinion. I know psa often are safe than sorry if they have the slightest doubts but i also often think they do that in rushed signatures. As much as i know about eagles these are not rushed and a high resolution image should be enough to determine if its real or not?

PSA has already failed Duncan's items multiple times, they are aware of this style.



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