I had long a suspected that JSA had blown it when I had them authenticate my signed Journey album.

It FAILED JSA Authentication at an in-store at a baseball card shop here in Vegas. The authenticator look like a high school kid who may be graduated 6 months ago.

Always wanted a second opinion but didn't want to pay for full authentication again.

Yesterday just on a whim I sent a bunch of pictures of it to Rodger Epperson to see what he thinks. Apparently from his cursory review he disagrees with jsa's opinion. Epperson likes the LP.

Who is more believable JSA or Rodger Epperson? What do you guys think?

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Im with Epperson. Looks like same hand to me.

Obviously, Epperson has the more experience with this genre. Most experienced collectors value his opinion. Outside of another solid opinion chiming in it's suspect, I would go with Roger's opinion and get him to cert it.

It comes down to whose opinion you value the most.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, man.

I've been in your exact shoes before. If it's certed by Roger you have a solid market available if, or when, you decide to sell. Autographs are an inexact science.


I must have misread your post. If Epperson passed it, Id go with his opinion. I dont often use TPA, but when I do I use Epperson.

depends on the coin they used to flip to see if it was real. they both have 50% chance of being right

I believe Roger has a better than 50/50 chance of being right. JMHO.

I would imagine Roger has seen his fair share of Journey graphs and agree with Joe.

What is your opinion of the graphs, Brian? Have you studied them? Do they pass your sniff test? 

the sniff test only works on trump signed itiems

I have no idea what that even means. But kudos for inserting politics into a discussion about Journey autographs.


that is a stupid statement



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