Roger Epperson REAL Signed Sealed Delivered vs Todd Mueller Lawsuit

For the past year there has been a lawsuit filed by me; Roger Epperson against Todd Mueller for many reasons including writing, assisting in uploading, owning and being a key player in the now shut down website ANL.  Starting tomorrow I will start shedding light and progress on this where Todd Mueller has allegedly tried to attack and destroy my business and my integrity by using an anonymous blog site called Autograph News Live .com and cowardly hiding everyone that wrote for it under a blanket of proxy servers to hide the identity of the owner and contributors of the libel site.

People that will be exposed and attached to this site will amaze you as I will show emails from the likes of Grant Van De Streek, Cori Raiderman (who still owes me $200,000 and I will collect) to a vast amount of others that may shock some and confirm the suspicions of others of who was behind this sick and libel site.  

I can only hope that their pockets are deep with cash as they will have nowhere to run from the damaging emails I have that I will start posting tomorrow and continue to every day until I run out of them.  From what I was told by Todd's Attorney there are at least 25,000 emails that need to be gone through.  I have about 1200 in my hands at the moment and those will come out first.  You will see what cowards these few people are that have tried to attack what is good in the autograph business.

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Go Get 'Em Roger!

Kick some a$$ sea Bass

I look forward to seeing these emails and what these people have been upto

This should be interesting. Does Todd currently have a lawsuit filed against you as well?

Whatever comes of the lawsuits, I hope the result is fewer forgeries, fewer fights between dealers and a safer autograph collecting community.

Todd did have a suit against me but it ended on jurisdiction as I have no contact with CA.

I hope the same too comes from this but when you read these emails you will wonder if that can ever happen.  

There are people on this site that you may have thought were good people that are also involved. (you know who you are)  It's totally shocking what was going on behind the scenes.

Roger, will you reveal the AML members too? That would be interesting to know, but at the same time just sad if this are members I have thought were trustworthy...

Of course, I think you will be shocked, I was.

That will be interesting Roger. I'm quite naive when it comes to trusting people, so I'll make sure sittning down when reading...

+ 1

Roger, you have my deepest respect for taking these people to court!

I remember that when I were a new member on this great site it were a lot of talk about Todd and his gang, but then the discussion stopped and I thought he had gotten away with his dirty business. I guess you just took a step back and preparerad for "The Big Bang"...

Kick some a$$ now Roger!!!
At last he will be exposed!!! I await with baited breath in the outcome
But good luck Roger it's about time Muller was shown what he is



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