This is really not an autograph discussion, because the photos I am referring to typically have really nice, authentic Maris signatures.

How many times have you seen this photo advertised as Roger Maris' 61st HR?

Roger hit #61 at Yankee Stadium against Tracy Stallard, pitcher for the Red Sox.  Take a close look at the catcher, specifically his uniform.  Note that the hat is two-toned (different color brim).  Also note the B on his chest.

the B on the Red Sox road uniforms for 1961 had a block B:

The Orioles road uniforms from 1961 had a scripted B, like the one in the Maris photo. Also note the two tone hat, like the one in the photo:

Many years ago, I owned this photo with a beautiful Maris auto, but sold it during some challenging times.  It was then that I noticed the strange B and having come from Boston, I know that was not their home uniform.

Anyway, I do not believe this devalues that photo in any way, as it is still an historic home run, and an authentic signature.  But it has always bothered me to see it misrepresented, and on more than one occasion, when I broke the news to someone trying to sell these, they did not take it well.

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Terrier and I have discussed this photo numerous times and I agree with him.

Great detective work. I would also agree it doesn't impact the dollar value although it should be represented for what it is.

Great info and thanks for sharing.

A similar situation is that the vast majority of Neil Armstrong signed poses from the lunar surface actually depict Buzz Aldrin. There is only one grainy photo of Armstrong on the lunar surface in addition to captures from grainy video. All the common poses you typically see are Aldrin.

I didn't realize that Steve.  I am sure its a similar situation, where it doesn't affect the value?

Actually, it does affect value. While a signed photo of Armstrong in almost any form is desirable, the rare signed images that are actually him sell for MUCH more.

These are the only two images of Armstrong on the moon, and they were not easily available during the period when he was freely signing, making them very uncommon. All the other Apollo 11 astronaut on the moon photographs are Aldrin.

Beginning with Apollo 14, the mission commander would have a red stripe on his helmet to help distinguish who was who in photographs.

that is very interesting, Steve!

That is one bad ass photo and signature in any case!

"Sell these" as in he signed more than 1? Or Did they sell copies? I have never seen it before and wish I had it in my office!! 

Fudd, yes that is a great photo, I used to own one many years ago.  I have actually seen many of these signed over the years, and they do show up on ebay from time to time, more often than not, they are personalized or have the personalization removed.  



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