Hi everyone, I’ve been looking at this photo signed by roger Maris, the auto looks smooth and not slowly drawn. Comes with no coa or loa, but it looks good to me. What does everybody else think 

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Thanks for the insight Daniel, and my first instinct, after I look at an autograph is to see what everyone here thinks, as most of the autographs I post have been authenticated by psa or jsa 

Christian, I would start by studying the autos that you are interested in purchasing. Feel free to post them here for opinions but try to vet them first. You will be surprised how quickly you become comfortable with a given signature. The members here are more than happy to help educate. I have received a tremendous Anount of assistance at different times from Christopher, Steve Z and Eric. There is a degree of trust here that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Good luck with your Maris. He is one of my all time favorites. 

Thank you terrier, I know I post a lot on this site, but this is truly a great sight with great collectors and experts. I'm fascinated with guys like, mantle, Maris, Williams, etc. you guys have made be better at recognizing authentic mantle signatures as there are so many out their good and bad. I would like to further be able to recognize other hall of famers. And with Maris, the one thing I noticed on eBay is that picture that is mistaken as Maris's 61 home run, he signed a lot of, I saw like 7 of them  all inscribed to someone, saying to so and so, best wished or best always. Something like that. But it makes me wonder if someone forged them, but did a really good job at it. I could just be overly worried or something but yeah. I wrote to much.

I speak only for myself. I do not use them, don't need them and see no reason to pay someone else to enjoy the best parts of the hobby unless I am just buying a list of names. I just don't believe "I" come first - shareholders do. These services, the bigger ones, serve a great purpose in weeding out a lot for many - but having said that there are just too many errors. They also vandalize items with stickers and also get free advertising the same way. Not for me. It is so complex to have a smaller sticker in b/w for b/w images? Color stickers on a b/w?? A scene stealer. Just the Gleason oft-referred to "facts" page - half secretarial/forgeries. That says a lot. I also am blessed to be able to sell quality stock for more than auction houses w/o needing "papers". 




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