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Hi Seamus, thank you for your eyes - I always like a second set. I agree re this type of Waters since the recent "flood" of his sigs. I don't know what folks think of my signed 2015 Wall DVD, but it is also "date specific" in a way - it was only just released and could only be signed post 2015. I know it is "rushed", but it was for me. I am also glad I chose the DVD  (it matches my Gilmour DVD of course) but on the 12" LP - the sig gets lost - this is HUGE in relation. That means a lot, signed for me - in coins we say "ownership adds a point". :) And to be able to see the concert again...and I see in the special features the performance with Gilmour at the 02. A highlight for me. In the start of the first solo Gilmour seems to flip something in his hand - pick? Extra string plucked? I dunno. Magic in any event. FWIW worth I think this is a pretty signature. Not just an IP scribble. 



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