Is anyone going (or has gone) to Roger Waters Us and Them Tour and gotten autographs? If so, any tips?

I may go to one of the Chicago shows at the United Center, or the St Paul show. Any idea where to look for him or what times? Is it better to check the venue or hotel?

Thanks for any help!

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It worth taking the time to read through the Rw linked thread!!

Just wanted to let fans on AML know that he is back to signing again, 3 days in a row, no problem.

See attached. (via RACC)


You should be congratulated for your successes! Inquiring minds would like to know: were you able to find holders for the two other items you needed to get signed yesterday?

It was a great concert!

It appears all the hype about Waters not signing anymore was unnecessary.

Watch him sign recently on GTV Reality:

But following that day he signed in that video, it was followed up of 2 days of him NOT signing on the 2nd day in Brooklyn and first day at Nassau.... And popular opinion is it is due to GTV and all the hired help he had with him. 

And there were some double dippers on Saturday that made him / security shut down him signing.  I was one of the lucky ones on Saturday to get him, but there were a few who didnt get him due to double dippers.

Has he done multiple lines consecutively in the same city/area before?

It never surprises me when people blame others for their misfortunes. It's funny when GTV gets a stack done on day 1 and then a bunch of guys see his video and show up for day 2 and 3, expecting it to always work out.

If people spent as much time trying as they do complaining, they might have gotten Waters during any of the thousands of other times he's signed for crowds during the last decade alone.

GTV did not post his video until after the 2nd day in Brooklyn after RW did not sign. 

But RW security both on Tuesday (2nd Brooklyn) & Friday (Nassau 1) took pics of the line.  Popular belief was those pics were sent to RW or RWs main security guy who travels with him to check out the line.  Both of those days GTV and all his hired help were in the lines, and he didn't sign.   It maybe OF COURSE a complete coincidence, or it may not be.  Saturday the line didnt have the 30 extra helpers in it, and he went back to signing.  Though that was ruined by fans trying to get back in line, which shut him down before the whole line got taken care of.  

I love watching GTVs videos, but many believe after the Chicago stuff that RWs people are watching the internet with his signings.  It is one thing for GTV to show him getting the album signed, but the last part of the video of all his helpers coming up to him to get paid for waiting online, that was not needed in the video, and that part is not going to do any dealer or collector any good if RW or his people see it...

That's interesting insight into the way those guys function.

GTV's helpers were totally different people on the consecutive days, but I'm sure a line of dealers, regardless of who they are, looks like a line of dealers. A lot of graphers who just graph to collect for their own personal collection tend to look like dealers as well.

Ah well. The only way to sign for all of your fans is to just keep signing and signing and signing. That seems to be Waters' general policy, even with the flip-flopping.

It seems to me he must have people watching YouTube and eBay and maybe even this site for anything about him signing, etc. In Chicago his video person filmed the line both days, I wondered if they were reviewing it to see who was there multiple times. I also noticed at some of his first shows he threw his pig mask into the crowd. Someone put it on eBay and was bitching about his politics. I noticed at least on all the shows I went to he didn't throw out the mask, he threw out the cup. Which wouldn't be as easy to identify to sell. Could be a coincidence too... But he definitely could afford to pay someone to keep an eye out.

Either way. It Sounds like if he notices stuff like in the video he'll shut down signing for a few days till he's out of the area.

It's weird, because the security team, driver, and Waters himself all recognized GTV as a dealer who has graphed him tons of times. In the video they're all laughing, and then he signs again for him.

Waters never seemed (to me) like the type of guy who would be so obsessed with resellers. I'd love to see a shot of what the line looks like in each city. I'd have a hard time believing these lines are than 70% for-profit and look that way.

Is anyone going to either one of the Boston shows next week? I'll be at night #2 and I'm hoping to find the line and get an item signed then.



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