Am I wrong, when I think these are far from genuine? The seller (njbc) lists tons of items like this every week. Always with Psa/Dna or Becket loas.

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I think these are probably authentic. The seller is an in person grapher -- and if he was a forger he'd be far more likely to post more expensive items, or complete band signed items. 

and better examples! these are likely rushed IP signatures.

I see your points, but they don’t prove anything either. They could be used the other way. If he meets Rolling Stones/Pink Floyd/Guns’n Roses(as these get listed very often) each week, why not try to get multiple signed items? 

I also wonder why a in person collector these days don’t take any proof photos?(Anyway, as far as the listing shows)

if this is a well known reputable IP collector/seller, I rest my case, but I think the questions asked is fair.

Yeah I agree knock offs!

Looks like in person rushed to me also.

I have some inperson hieth that looks like that . ronni is an artist is pretty consistant but could be from a car window.

I never take or took photos all I care about is the graph I was a one man operation and a lot of times cameras scare the artist.

way back when there wasn't phone cameras its was all about your reputation.

real inperson kieth for sale done in the 90s

So rushed authentic examples by the censors but the seller has had knock offs authenticated before and it won't be the last.


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