Hi guys, what do you think of these early Stones signatures?


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My question is very simple, and may bring some of this confusion to light.  Would Mick Jagger have been unable to recognize his own picture on a newspaper page?  That is the only explanation for the aborted Mick Jagger autograph.  It is more likely that someone other than Mick made the error, and did not think twice about simply crossing it off and signing in the correct location.

Thank you! I asked about interpreting its presence day(?)s ago. Seems like days...

Epperson mentioned in the other thread Eric linked that the Richard's ends in the up stroke not the down stroke back then on authentic examples. So that helps a little.

I agree, and would never question Roger when it comes to his expertise.  I simply do not see anything else in the autograph to convince me.  Is there anything else, other than the upward finish of the “d”, to indicate that Keith actually signed that newspaper page?  It does not even compare well with the many examples that Mr. Mojo Risin’ has posted images of.  Sometimes he dropped the “r”.  Sometimes the “K” was not written in one continuous line, and was broken.  Perhaps that is the point, and Keith did not have a consistent autograph for that time period. I just have my concerns about it.

He mentioned the B in the sets Boy and Brian are nearly perfect to one of the styles bill used in the day. (Wyman sets)

There is some good info in that link.

If you send all photos posted by me in this discussion to Roger Epperson, he will say ok for everything. 

Do you own them all or are they just in your file? How about the stones on tracks website?

This photo is also for sale, I believe from the same source as the original posting (on the newspaper).

I think they may be genuine as I had Roger look at a similar set recently, which he gave the thumbs up. Here's an image of it:

Thank you to try help me and this group. For me they are authentic 1963 signatures. 

Mojo, what time period do you place the Gallery of History piece into?  The autographs are very rushed and sloppy.  I am wondering if it comes with a Roger Epperson COA, or a JSA LOA.  Roger worked for JSA at one time.

Mike, I may be able to help a bit here. Awhile back Gallery of History had some Elvis Presley autographs that members here questioned. They were gracious enough to respond to members here. They had Roger come and look at their Presley signatures along with other big name musicians. This Stones set is probably one he looked at. I do not believe Roger actually issued his COA with any items. They removed all items that did not pass his authentication. 

As for what year signed, I do not know.


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