Could this be real????? Thanks for any opinions

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You've probably seen this site:

where the signed Promotional LPs are discussed and a number of examples shown. The primary difference with this one is Charlie's autograph, it's the first one I've seen where Bill hasn't signed for Charlie, does it make it right or wrong? I don't know, and maybe it's one for Mr Epperson?

These Decca promo LPs are really strange. The signatures look very unusual, and all of the sets are nearly uniform. Why would Bill sign Charlie’s name as “Charlie Watts”? Surely he was aware that Charlie never signed that way.  Here’s a link to an absolutely authentic Mick Taylor era set. Look at the difference.

The "Charlie Boy" signature above appears to be in the same hand as the "Charlie" and "Charlie Watts" signatures from the other LPs. It doesn't make sense.

thanks for your links and comments guys  I know what you mean Ballroom it doesn't make sense.  The album has just been withdrawn from the auction so something must have been wrong.  My quest for the rolling stones vintage signed continues ........

Hi, I'm Jan from Finland and I'm the one who has created

This is an interesting LP for sure. I have found 12 signed copies through the years and all of them have similar autographs. But this one now pictures is a bit different as it is not signed with the same pen as Bill was using. I need to investigate this item a bit more before I can give my opinion. For sure all other autographs are genuine ones. 

The signatures under the "garyrocks" link here are fake, so it is no use to compare with them. Stones signatures from the 60's and 70's are for sure an extremely difficult field to get into. So many fakes existing

Hej Jan. Nice for you to reply. That must have been a labour of love!! It would be great to hear your views on it.  

The signatures under the "garyrocks" link were purchased from the highly reputable Tracks UK.

The atypical, carbon copy Stones sets are genuine for sure, and the nice Tracks UK set is a fake?

As I said in my post here above, “Stones signatures from the 60’s and 70’s are for sure an extremely difficult field”. Let’s put it like this, I would not pay more than the value of the cards in that Tracks set, a few USD maybe.

I have several Taylor autographs in my collection and they do not even look close to the Taylor signature on the card. I know that my Taylor autographs are genuine coz I got several of them from the man himself as I have met him on a few occasions. Same with Bill’s, I know that they are real coz I got them from him.

You can also compare Taylors signature on the Promotional Album pictured here to the signed card. The Promo album signature is genuine. It was not hard for me to see the difference. But, that’s just my opinion and nothing else.

Hey Jan,

I'm the owner of the set in question the ones you refer to as fakes.

Here's Jason from Tracks email.
I'm sure he'd be interested in hearing from you.

[email protected]

I've already spoken to him regarding your comments.

I can't see how the Keith signatures on the promo albums could possibly be authentic. They all contain the same glaring error.

About the signatures on the Promotional Album here. I can’t put my finger on the Charlie signature on this item. Don't know what to say about it. But I am doing some research. A friend of mine is in contact with a person, a Mr W. Perks,  who is supposed to know a bit about 60’s and 70’s Stones autographs.  I don’t know what would come out of that, but let’s see.



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