What do you think about the signed Rolling stones Brussels affair box set. Pretty pricy, $750 for the base one signed by Mick and a couple of guys who took pics of the tour etc.  I've done a little research and they say its been signed by Mick, not autopen etc. There was some confusion about this, but the stones have tweeted etc that its been hand signed...Any thoughts on this would be appreciated...

thanks, Mike

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Heres mine, I don't see a problem with it.

Thanks for the pic, looks good ! I was trying to find the announcement by the stones that said it had been hand signed but I couldn't find it. How would they ask jagger to do it then with there being so many to sign ? Just couldn't picture him doing it but I'm made up it's numbered and I've bought it.
Carl i have bought this box too at Amazon for About 700 . If you have also the numbered signed edition iT is real signed. By mick and the photographer. IT is an official Stones publication . IT was on their website for à long time. Mick jagger gets the small papers to sign. And they put iT afterwards in THE book . Als you mat know taschen books did it with big papers they have send to all stone members to sign . But That book has à price of EUR 5000 . The value of the signed box you have is increased to about 1500-2000 . Out of stock and much more in iT than the taschen book
Not yet, It hasnt arrived.
Hi Ian,mine looks just like yours.heres a picture of the lithograph mine can with.

I am looking to get one box (signed) to complete my Stones autograph collection... Is it any chance to still get them for a reasonable price?

Hi Robert, U.S. Ebay has a set 1250 and 1500, I think. And one in Germany.

I know, Ian, Thanks. I wonder if it is possible to find it for under $1000, closer to the face value which was like $750 for the cheapest option.

I have been looking for a nice Jagger signed lp for a "reasonable" price. He doesn't seem to be signing as much anymore and prices are going up.



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