Hello. I bought this Reagan photo at a fleamarket last summer. I am very new at auto collecting. I've seen a few similar photos selling on a few collector sites but question if they are legit. Either way, this is a nice wall hanger for my man cave. Thanks for your time in advance.

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Hi - Regrettably, this was signed by an Autopen machine. It is not hand signed. Sorry!

No problem! Thanks for the response! I just found some really good autopen examples that are spot on with mine. I figured as much. I can't believe the sites out there that are selling similar photos as authentic.
Yep, they do it all the time. And when you send them a message telling them that their offering is autopen-signed, they will swear up and down that they are certain it is authentic.

If yours were authentic, you'd be looking at probably roughly a $1000 (or more) item. A Reagan cut signature is worth at least around $600 or so I would say. So a signed photo is going to be likely several hundred more.

But yes...it's autopen. You can tell by the shakiness of the autograph. It definitely makes a nice addition to your man cave, though! Plus, keep in mind that your Reagan photo likely originated from the White House. I have one of these too...like yours that my mother received from the White House in the 80s because she was very active in the Republican Party.
Thanks for all the great info! The fact it came from the White House is awesome in itself! I'll keep it hanging for now.
You're welcome. Nice item from a very popular president!
Yes! I have very fond memories of watching Reagan on TV as a young child in the 80's. I am very proud to say I was part of the Reagan generation of kids!



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