Based on my review of the RR Auction Study and other examples in their archives, I have doubts about this item.  Based on the description of the "von Damm" secretarials, this would not likely have been and does not appear to be a secretarial signature.  However, it does not look like an authentic Reagan signature either.  My biggest issue is the "R"s in both "Ronald" and "Reagan look atypical with only one exemplar from 1976 looking somewhat similar.  I do not have enough experience with other "tells" like age of ink, but I am also concerned the ink may be newer than what would be expected on this photo.

Thank you for taking a look and sharing your opinions.


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I would agree; the R's aren't right.

Thank you for the feedback, Jim.  Some of the elements of the signature aligned with the RR Auction study, but the "R"s don't seem to align with typical signature style.  Although there was one example from 1976 that looked similar, the ink and pen seem from an earlier period.  My sense is someone may have been trying to create a "vintage" look with the photo and ink but does not seem likely it was Ronald Reagan.

Appreciate your help as I continue to learn.

Definitely not Reagan IMO, doesn't look like it was signed by Nelle or a Von Damm either, I believe it to be an older forgery.

Thank you Taylor116.  I can often convince myself something looks "right" but this one did not feel right to me even with hope and optimism.  I appreciate your help on this item.  It helps me move on knowing it is not authentic.

I don't know if this will help or not. I did hear years ago that, early in Ron's acting career, his mother signed his fan mail. In those days it would likely be a fountain pen signature. The fact is, it is not Ron's handwriting and really that is all the matters.

Thank you Joe.  I have read a lot about secretarials, mother-signed, or other-signed (like when one Beatle signed all signatures).  It was interesting to read the RR Auction signature study about "von Damm" signed items.  However, at the end of the day, I agree this is not Ronald Reagan's signature and that IS all that matters.  Appreciate you taking a look and sharing your comments.



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