Rush signed 'Signals' record

Hi there :-) please let me know what you think... I really appreciate it, thank you!

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Very fake

Ok, and why do you think that? Not just fake, but very fake

Well I see you have asked several members this very same question. 

And the good ole boys of the baseball field have given you more than adequate answers. You can take their answers and apply it here and anytime you ask this question  

Also.... I don't discuss specifics openly unless its a trusted friend.

I'm not sure what you're up to on AML but this cat is getting sensory overload from you. 

Not laughing.... Yet

You’ve asked this from Cobain, Rush, Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, Ted Williams. Pretty wide range of study there. Nobody going to point out what’s wrong with each of these. So forgers can get better. Almost looks like you are up to no good here.

I agree with goodcat. These are not authentic in my opinion. 

This a horrible attempt. Seem many like these in places like Craigslist and ioffer.

You can easily tell this one was signed by one person. If the two L’s in Lifeson and Lee with the drop after the bottom loop isn’t a dead giveaway then you’ve got a lot more studying to do. 


Not only do they look bad, but drummer Neil Peart DOES NOT sign autographs. I've been backstage with a radio station, in the early 90s, and he didn't sign. So...unless it was something the Rush website sold (which they did once, from some photographer)...they're probably fake. These don't even look good

niel preston I belive

neil did not take part in meet in greats or travel with the band.

he did sign barley




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