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Roger Epperson ONLY does Rock n Roll and is highly respected.

He can give you a quick opinion for only $15.

IMHO I think all the examples from TalkShop that have been posted here, are indeed the real deal, as do the majority of members here on this forum.

If Roger gives it the thumbs up as well, that would be enough for me...

Here's the link:

Order Now
For a $15 Roger will provide a quick opinion of your item of interest. Roger will let you know if it's Likely Genuine or Not Likely Genuine. When ordering please provide a link to the item or email an image to rogerssd@ix.netcom.com

Say it ain't so!

Enough with the cancelled RHCP orders, the Dylan autopen nightmare, and now secretarials...

This Halloween month of October certainly has been "spooky" for us collectors!

I was unable to get a Sammy Hagar as TalkSHop doesn't ship to Canada...

but I can't believe this secretarial claim by JSA

(JSA are usually pretty good though) ...

I don't know much about Haggar and didn't get this preorder, so I can't offer any sort of authenticity opinion, but it is worth nothing that JSA gets A LOT of this stuff wrong. They rubber stamped the Twenty One Pilots ghost signed Trench booklets (which really weren't all that close to authentic examples), rejected the Norah Jones authentic booklets amid countless other bouts of stupidity in the music realm.

Again, I'm not sure what the deal with Sammy in particular is here. Just pointing out that JSA is profoundly not very good and their opinion shouldn't be too overweighted.

I am with you on this one. Elton john cds from last year were being rejected at 1st by authenticators. I see many authenticated now. I never trust these authenticators 100% but I sometimes use their opinion as an aid.. if I am unable to find examples that are 100% in-person, I will begin my research looking at authenticated items but will never solely base my decision on them.

I'm away and unable to devote more time into researching this more until next week but I have a question.. has Sammy Hagar been known to send out secretarial signatures in the past? This is the 1st ive heard of this ever being a thing. 

From what I've seen so far, other aspects of his signature would be hard to replicate by someone else. Its not impossible, but I really find it unlikely. Im no where near 100% sure about my opinion, I need more time, but so far, what ive seen, my gut tells me these are real (that doesn't mean anything though, just an initial opinion based on about an hour of research)

One thing I do know, anyone from TSL will not have a clue on authenticity. Sammy isn't going to just come out and tell a retailer thats selling his item that these are ghost signed.. it might be a good idea to bring it up that they are being questioned, but don't expect any answers from them.

I'd like to know what Roger Epperson would say about these?

Here is one I bought at a show a while ago. IMO at least the Sammy autograph is real.Remember with the booklets he probably had hundreds sitting in front of him, hand gets tired and signatures vary. Although I have had issues with TSL I have more faith in them than JSA.

Though what Michael Selby said is correct; in every other example posted as well as the signed books he connects the y and h. While most if not all examples I've seen of the red signature do not connect the y and h.

I don't have any concerns about this.  Here's my 2 TSL signed CDs and a book from 2015. Are there minor differences? Sure.  But nothing to throw up any red flags.  Because a CD booklet is a smaller area to sign than a tip-in sheet in a book and they were signed 7 years apart. Minor difference are to be expected. 

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