So, there’s an app called Mercari where I believe a lot of junk autos come through for uneducated buyers to pay for obvious forgeries but I thought this Koufax, although affordable, looked pretty good in my opinion. Since I’m a novice autograph enthusiast at best, I thought I would ask anyone with some experience or knowledge in handling or analyzing Mr Koufax signature if I’m on the right track or if it has some serious issues that I’m not seeing. I thank you in advance for your time and thoughts on this item and hope to hear back from some of you soon. Thanks again 


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Not real at all.  Mercari was once a good place to shop.  It's turned in to a forger's paradise this year on 90%+ of the items IMO.  People are being robbed left and right.

Agreed! The authentic ones on Mercari I've seen where dealers are snagging them and you see them listed on Ebay. There were some Star Wars signature's I had my eye on and this is how it played out, the price was like $50 higher. 

These are pics of the items I had up on Mercari. Was I selling authentic autographs or was I fitting right in with the rest of the bad bunch? Got these from a lesser known online auction house. $150 for both of them. Did I waste my money?






I dont see anything in the jersey or the other items you are asking about (except the Koufax which is definitely bad) that screams "forgery".  But jerseys are difficult to authenticate in a photo.  The strange mix of stars and everyday players would seem to lean towards authentic.

I see some on the jersey that are no good and quite a few that appear to be signed in the same hand.  The jersey are much easier to forge, you can go slow because of the material.

which ones, Steve?  When I look at the overall photo, from a distance I dont see any that stand out as blatant forgeries.  As you said, signing on a jersey does present challenges.  But many of the signatures look close enough to me, considering the medium, not to rule them out.

I will say that the Glavine looks unusual.

Right away, I noticed the Glavine, the Bonds, and the Gwynn.  They look close, but I am a little skeptical.

The guy with the "Koufax" has everything from a Mike Trout signed cleat to just about any hall of famer you could think of. each one worse than the next. and hes making out like a bandit! good reviews from buyers and the signatures look to be forgeries attempted  by a first grader

100% fake, not even close.



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