Scarlett Johansson autograph— Opinion on its authenticity

I have attached a link to the listing. But a photo is also provided below. It has been GA certified but that's not worth anything...

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Thanks. I'm new to examining autographs, so could you tell me your thought process? Or is it just blatantly obvious?

It's blatantly obvious to me, but I've been collecting her signatures for years and have accumulated a collection ranging all of the periods of her career and signing styles. 

This simply doesn't fit any style of hers. Also, she is left handed and her signatures have a noticeable downward slope. I don't want to give too much away on a public forum, but another thing to know is that she crosses her "tt"s with a mark from the right to the left. This one is left to right. 

Also, I have never, ever seen a Pop figure that she signed. She is tough signer to begin with, and when she ever does it's usually photos. 

Really useful. She's actually the last signature I need for my collection hence I was even considering a GA certification. I will definitely look out for those mentioned traits on her autographs from now on. Thank you!

Good luck, and expect to  pay a lot for a real one. There are over 160 items on ebay right now and about 10% of them are authentic (and that's a higher percentage than usual). 

If its a Marvel image you are looking for and its under 500.00 be cautious

that is how tough she is



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