Anyone know if this account has any red flags?

Also is Schwartz Sports reputable?  I've seen a lot of stuff auth'd by them lately on eBay but haven't ever dealt with them before.  Thanks!


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Nvm about Schwartz i found a necro thread about them (unless they've changed hands?). Still wondering about the seller tho. Thx guys.

Didn't check out the seller but Schwartz Sports is a reputable dealer based here in Illinois. Focus on Chicago athletes but have reps which attend shows across the country to diversify their stock.

Post a discussion of the exact autograph you are looking to purchase, you will get much better results that way.

Thanks guys... I sent a Best Offer and it was accepted, I'll post the sig itself when it gets here.  Fingers crossed.

If you bought his Hester I think it looks fine.

I thought so too.. but I'm no expert. lol




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