Seeking Advice on Getting in Person Autographs at a Concert ( Beginner ).

My wife and I have purchased tickets to a Hall and Oates concert in Youngstown Ohio at the Covelli Centre.  We managed to get ourselves platinum tickets for decent seating but could not find any VIP or meet and greet options available.  While our primary objective is to enjoy the concert, we are also going to try to get a “Private Eyes” vinyl cover signed for our two year old since he loves their music.  We figured this would make a cool gift to have and he might appreciate it later in life.

This brings me to my question of how we would go about trying to get the item autographed.   Should we try to arrive early or stay late at a particular location during the venue? Do we approach security and just ask?  Is it a good idea to have some cash – not sure if they would charge for something like this? Any advice would be appreciated since we have not personally tried to approach the musicians before at a concert.

Thank you.

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What type of a venue is it?  Is there a location where the bus or limousine will be arriving to drop them off?  You may want to start there.

Never thought of that, I'll have to see if I can get more information on that.  I just know that it's at the Covelli Centre which is just your standard multi-purpose area.  I might see if there is more information online or a map of sorts.  Thank you.

If you are close to the venue, consider doing a test run with another artist prior to the show.

Perhaps a Google aerial map will show an access area at the rear for crew/equipment/stage etc. like at Nassau Coliseum in NY. Perhaps a downward ramp or some such off to the side/rear.

From a google aerial shot it looks as if they have a loading area in the back of the venue.  They have might have a drop off point right in front, there is a half arc section of road off the main road, but I am thinking this might be for taxis and such since the artist probably would not come through the front door. I tried to spy closer on the rear entrance with the street view but unfortunately it doesn't get close to that area. I assume this would be the best place to approach the artist or crew for the autograph. 

I would agree - well done. There should be a others looking for autographs so look for them as well. Timing - when does soundcheck etc happen Be sure to be prepared for rain etc. and have a spare Sharpie and something to put the LP in after it dries (few minutes - careful!). Looking at the cover I would recommend silver - not many choices. Gold? Good luck and keep us posted! :)

I agree - My wife and I did a couple tests on similar material and silver Sharpie seemed to show up the best on both the dark and light areas.  Nice tip on the other autograph seekers - it will be a visual reinforcement that we have the right area and chatting with them might be a way to pass the time. 

Unfortunately I have no clue about the sound check but would think that information might not be forth coming if I asked the venue.  I did read some information that other seekers have had artists arrive at sound checks 2 to 4 hours before the show.  Not sure.  If it is indeed that long we have the advantage of having is a hotel reservation within a couple blocks and my son will be staying with a relative (too young for loud music).

Thank you again for the information.



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