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And they ship in the US - thanks!

Thanks !

Good Luck if you ordered Signed Cd's from her UK store - i ordered some and all have arrived NOT Signed - although they were sealed with the SIG sticker on the rear ! Ridiculous ! 


Received my signed Selena Gomez lithos today. My signed cd’s should be here in a couple days also.

They look to be in good condition. How were they packed? Was there any kind of cardboard in the envelope to keep them from bending? I received a Finneas poster from Newbury that was literally folded in half (to their credit though, they are always good about replacing damaged items).

They came in very good condition. I’m happy how they were shipped and how the autographs came out. They were shipped in a rigid cardboard box.

Received the lps today but they weren't signed and no lithos either sen't e-mails already we'll see what happens, this p***** me off what kind of morons work at these places

So is this pretty standard that "signed vinyl" really means a sealed vinyl and a signed print of the album artwork? I couldn't find the signed stuff on the Selena Gomez store anymore so I couldn't check what the original product page said.

The Signed LP option is listed on my order as being a separate Signed ' Vinyl LP Jacket '  along with a sealed LP 

The signed Lithographs are a totally different design /  item and were available to buy on there own 

Oh, I was just going off of the listings popping up on ebay. They look like a sealed vinyl and then a 12x12 print of the album artwork that's signed (white), and not a whole jacket/sleeve. I'm not referring to the greenish lithographs like the ones Jonathan posted.

You're right, i hadn't looked on ebay - my order definitely states comes with additional signed Vinyl LP Sleeve 

It wouldn't be the first time (This week) a webstore has lied would it.... (Ozzy Osbourne Fiasco) 



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