So I just noticed that Selena Gomez as signing CDs for her new album. But I have no idea where to find them. So I figured I'd share this on here maybe we could all put our heads together to try to figure out where they'll be sold. . .

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i put 2 in the cart 12 minutes after you posted that and they sold out before i could check out

Keep refreshing - ssems to be some people not finalizing checkouts, etc.

Yea I've been refreshing for about 10 minutes and no luck, were you able to get them on time? can't believe i stayed up till 3 Am and then got up early checking and as soon as I relax she does it lol

Yep, I got it.

Cool, your timing was good because i just read they were on sale for less than 25 minutes before selling out

there are some bundles with the signed art card in her UK store but it's UK only

Sweet I was just able to pick up a signed copy from her France store! It came out to 26 bucks

That's a good price with shipping, don't know why it's still showing up as sold out when I click on it but you were able to order but whatever lol.

Lol, it kept showing that for me too I just kept refreshing it. It got annoying but I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Haha

I'm hoping she releases more on her US tour. It seems like she signed the booklet for the US and art cards for overseas.

Yea I was just playing and glad you got one, it's frustrating because of how much time I put into this one but not a big deal overall lol

just saw another tweet that said they were available in her french store with worldwide shipping but when i tried to click on it, it says Rupture, and if i translate it to English it's breaking and it won't let me add it so i guess those words must mean sold out lol, just wasn't meant to be, here is the link for that one in case anyone else has more luck

Rupture is sold out. But there is the box set slightly less expensive than in the UK, and with a signed card (contrary to UK it seems). Shipping costs to France for the box are very low...



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