Hello Beatlepeople!

I posted these through-the-mail autographs several years ago for opinions and although I'm not quite there... it may be time to *consider* trying to sell one or all – possibly in our ebay store.

If I may, a few questions for those of you with much more experience:

I have not submitted any of these to a TPA for review and do not have a LOA or COA although I know it may be beneficial for some understandably wary buyers.   So, if it's necessary or helpful when selling, are Tracks and/or Roger Epperson currently recommended for Beatles authentication?

There seem to be a decent number of Lennon signatures and/or group autographs posted here and there, but I am having some difficulty finding anything comparable (picture sleeves, sheet music, etc.) to help me determine possible/potential value.  What do you think?

Would the inscription significantly affect value and should that be a consideration?

Thanks in advance to anyone interested in offering advice or a comment and I'll respond as soon as I'm able.  Enjoy your day.


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regarding inscriptions, in some cases, they do devalue the autograph.   But in the case of Lennon, the more writing the better and I doubt it would affect the value very much.  For me, personalizations do not bother me at all, in fact, I have several autos personalized to someone else.  

I would love to have any of these.

Tracks is exceptionally good with Beatles autographs, but as far as I know they only issue LOAs for items they sell.

so would I!  they are incredible.

Very nice examples!

When you have a group of signatures as wonderful as these, I'm not sure I'd worry about COA's (assuming these are ink-signed and not copies or anything). If it matters to you, then seek out the top tier Beatles authentication experts (Tracks, Perry Cox, Roger, etc.) to ensure the best.

Regarding value, keep researching. The examples are out there and are worth the hunt.

And I agree with the comments here, an inscription from one of The Beatles is irrelevant to the savvy collector. It's part of the charm.

Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Great stuff...I've had lots of Lennon's over the years as well...

Thanks to all of you for your comments and for taking the time to share your feedback. opinions and insight.  I was especially wondering about the inscription / personalization and you've helped to answer my questions.  And thanks to Jim and Ballroom for helping with my "COA" question.  I'll be posting one or more eventually on ebay for consideration and we'll see what happens. God Bless. 


Fantastic Lennon’s , nice to see new stuff 



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