Selling my collection, problem to think of right price.. (Celine Dion)

I've been selling my collection now for years, I've done mostly in Finland to local collectors/fans. Some of my autographs been sold to US etc. too.

I don't want to give my autographs for free, when I did put my all time to get them in 80's and 90's. Some of them are really hard to get (in Finland), but easy to get somewhere else.. many artists have been here only once. Their autographs have changed from early years etc.

One of the autographs is this Celine Dion's from late 80's, few days after she won Eurovision Song Contest, time when she was not yet that Celine we all know now. And of course that drawing/sketch (how ever You call that). How would You price this item? It's really nice piece, she signed her whole name, in these days it's just Celine etc.

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It's a nice graph Tiia, sorry I have no idea what it's worth. I'm more into cosmic psychos.

It's hard to price something like that. You have to buy my Cosmic Psychos.. :D

The boys are local east to get.

If your collection is the one on your photo album, then I'm interested in some autographs.

Please contact me, we could get a deal :)


I have many photo albums, none of them presents my whole collection. Some of those autographs are already sold, mostly I still got them. Some of them I will keep. But feel free to sen e-mail what You're looking for. I don't get notifications from this forum/page and I kind of forget this all the time.

Btw, will be not on line tomorrow, going to photograph a wedding.



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