Hi guys...

I'm new, but often came here to read up on what's going on out in the autograph world. In the late 90s I bought a letter signed by Irving Thalberg to a writer from some company on Ebay.  I had it framed, I was so nerdy proud of it.  Then I looked into the seller (years later - that's how I found this forum) and found out the seller was a huge scammer.  I paid a lot for it.  ;-(  So it was fake.

I sell on ebay - lots of things, not autograph related.  Any autographs I did sell, like the cast of ER, I felt secure in doing since i was a writer on the first two seasons.  I sold a Paul Newman autograph because he came into the bookstore I was working in (70s,) I kept his signed cc receipt.  They didn't care. back then.  Anyhow, a fun story came with it having to do with a Rhyming Dictionary. 

I won't go into background, check out my profile, it's all there.  I'm looking to sell my 1979 (for 1978) fifty first Academy Awards program signed by Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Bruce Dern, Maureen Stapleton, Lauren Bacall, Christopher Walker (Chris), Richard Farnsworth. I personally walked up to each of them and asked them to sign.  (I was an 18-19 year old P.A. (runner) at Warner Brothers, someone on the lot offered me a ticket, the dream of my young lifetime.)  Talk about nose bleeder seats! I was overwhelmed.  

Anyhow, I want to sell it (very hard for me but it's time) and I was going to put it on ebay. But reading about authentication (on here) about most companies being crap and worthless certificates, why bother?  But ebay doesn't like you selling autographs if you don't have a document or are not a registered dealer.  I care a lot about this item personally, I don't have any proof except myself (Richard Farnsworth signed it to me, Tracey, so there's that).  I also don't want to send this anywhere and have to pay someone to tell me it's authentic when I WAS THERE.  ;-)  

How should I go about this?  Any advice will be taken, really.  Thanks in advance...


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Nice item. 

To me it's a collection, a single item, not a bunch of separate signatures.

I have not sold on Ebay recently but if you can't jump through all the hoops in the autograph section you might be able to cheat and list it in "Entertainment memorabilia" or something.

But I'd probably try to sell it through an auction house and let them deal with it. 

These autographs are obviously authentic and I would not foresee any problems listing them on eBay.

A million thanks for all your support and advise.  I listed the program on Ebay and it sold within a couple of days of my asking price.  ($400).  I appreciate the thought and honesty I have found at this site, it's very important with all the fraud out there... 


Congratulations! You seem to be happy with the price you received. I'm sure the buyer is happy as well. It's a win win situation.



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