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Almost certainly genuine though the Micks not great and possibly from another signing or date ,that Keith style is circa 1965 but its a scruffy set I wouldn't pay too much for it a better one will always come along

It's just a stepping stone to a better set later when funds allow.. As long as it's genuine my purchase was good..

Tracks are good you should be fine if you got them at a good price,they will always sell on 

Nice set.

Thanks.i like them for my  first stones set . It's all I could afford at this time.. After buying the review copy of the genesis George Harrison book and the Judy garland contract, my funds are very low.. Still it's not a waste of money..

The stones are from different signings but all 60s and genuine.. So that is good... There are a few others on the backs.. No one really famous though..

Its a great little set, how much are they worth these days?

I paid 800.. More because it has tracks authentication... It'll also sell quite well because of the authentication though . It saves me doing it..

I'll upgrade later this year .. Same with my Beatles..

Not bad !

Not a bad price if you factor in you got £100 worth of certificate value,they would likely be £1100 or so if you bought them from Tracks today 

I own an old stones set.



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