Hi everyone! I need some help... My friend Mônica passed away several years ago and since I helped her family sell her large Beatles and U2 collection, they gave me a few items. These autographs were obtained by Mônica herself. I would like to sell them, but I don't know how much they're worth. 

There are 5 pages of photo albums that were quite popular at the time, measuring 33.5 x 32.5cm each, and three notebook pages, measuring 17.5 x 9cm each.

 There are two sides to each album page, and they cannot be split.

 Page 1:

Queen – one John Deacon autograph (bass player)

I can’t recognize the other signature

Signed during Rock in Rio, January 7th, 1985

Two photos

 Page 1, side 2:

James Taylor’s autograph


Signed during Rock in Rio, January 8th, 1985

 Page 2:

Sting’s autograph

Two magazine photos

 Page 2, side 2:

Queen – two Roger Taylor autographs (drummer)

One photo

 Page 3:

Duran Duran - two John Taylor autographs signed in Madrid on November 17, 1988

Three John Taylor photos taken in Rio de Janeiro, January 1988

 Page 3, side 2:

Duran Duran - one Simon Le Bon autograph signed in Madrid on November 18, 1988

 Page 4:

Boy George - one autograph signed on CD cover in London on June 18, 1987

Pretenders - one Chrissie Hynde autograph signed on CD cover in Rio on January 6, 1988

 Page 4, side 2:

Simple Minds – one autograph signed on Cd cover + one autograph signed on back of postcard, Rio, January 5th, 1988

One photo

 Page 5:

Hothouse Flowers: five autographs on promotional photo

No date or place

Page 5, side 2:

Hothouse Flowers - one autograph

Terence Trent D'Arby - one autograph

No date or place


On the three pieces of notepaper, I recognize Simon Le Bon’s autograph but not the other two.

I have these photos in high resolution, if anyone would like to enlarge them for a better view. My e-mail is lizzie.bravo@gmail.com

I just realized I can only post three pages... too bad! I have 11 images.

Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help!

Regards from Rio de Janeiro,



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with out seeing them this is a guess

James Taylor’s autograph
Photo    50 to 100 
Signed during Rock in Rio, January 8th, 1985
Page 2:
Sting’s autograph  75  to 100
Two magazine photos

Simple Minds – one autograph signed on Cd cover + one autograph signed on back of postcard, Rio, January 5th, 1988 AS LONG AS ITS THE LEAD JIM KEER MAYBE 25$OR SO

duran is what ever u can get as duranies love stuff so just depends on what they signed and how it looks but there fans are crazy for anything

Queen – one John Deacon autograph (bass player)

hes rarier because he doesn't tour and is a recluse so get as much as u can 

brian may signs and tours all time

Thank you marc! I already sold the Queen ones. I appreciate your help. I wonder where should I advertise the other autographs... As for Duran Duran, I hung out with them quite a bit while living in New York in the 90's. I was an assistant to my dear friend and best man at my wedding Brazilian musician Milton Nascimento, and they recorded together and did a video. I have tons of photos! I saw them here in Rio a few years back, it was fun. I never asked for their autograph, neither did I ask any of the many top musicians I met while working for Milton and other major Brazilian stars. It would be unprofessional...

I realized last night that the album pages CAN be separated without damaging them... 

Thanks again everyone for your help. I now have to figure out where to advertise the autographs. It can't be eBay because I don't have letters for them, though I am 100% sure Mônica got them herself. Also, there's no such thing as fake autograph market in Brazil. There's no autograph market, period!

If anyone can help me figure out whose autographs are these, also from Mônica. I recognize Simon LeBon, but not the others...

Thank you and have a good night!




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