As somebody that's a huge Beatles fan -- and has a signed Sgt. Pepper record -- I always like hearing about Sgt. Pepper items.

Autograph Magazine did a story about a collector who has some interesting signed pieces (a Doors album signed by everyone but the guitarist), and he has the huge cut out of actor Tony Curtis from Sgt. Pepper. He got Tony Curtis to autograph it, and I believe Curtis wrote some crazy stuff on the back of it with his signature. The guy was trying to get $35,000 for it, which I doubt he'd ever get; but with Curtis passing away, and it actually being a piece of art that was on the cover of a Beatles album -- maybe he might.

Especially since I just read about Sotheby's auction selling an original piece of artwork from that classic 1967 album. It was an original collage for the insert to the album that artist Sir Peter Blake did. Blake and his wife worked closely with Paul McCartney and John Lennon to create the imagery for the record.


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read about this too and it was a travisty auction in  my opinion!  And yes, it appears to be very real, but no one knew abou the auction (least I didn't)! It wasn't in their enternatinment auction or music auctions, but in  the British Modern Artists auction/  Huh???? I mean, the woman who sold it was given it by the original artist-who is pissed cause she didn't even let him know )he only got like $200 to do it back then


Item could have gone for more if well publicized!!

I forgot what it went for...$25000 or so?...but it was way too cheap.

Went for around $85,000 (US dollars)

Wasn't to long ago that a very suspect drumhead for the cover of Pepper went for over $1 million.


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