Any thoughts on this Paul signature on a Sgt Peppers Lp. Looks to be a late 90's early 2000 signature?

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That is what I was wondering about - suppose this was a single signed LP, or as you say offered alone.

Where did you see this posted? Was it for sale? If so, how much?
Steve, the pic was posted on a Beatles collecting site. The person asked for opinions but only posted the Paul signature. I liked it but thought I would post it here and see what the group thought? I went back to the site today and there was another post by the same individual this time just the Ringo signature. It was made to look like a different Lp. Then there was another post saying the Lp had four signatures on it. Anyway the person posting indicated it came in a job lot of Lp's that he bought and he was trying to get some opinions. Not sure what is the real story?
Well here is the story from back in June. Same person?
Yes that certainly sounds like the same person.
Is the listing still on facebook?
Fab4life1973 to be exact Paul
What a waste of time , this has been. Moving along.
It at least shows that both information and the whole piece of the item needs inspection. Also shows that quick reviews online aren't enough sometimes.

This info wouldn't be missed when inspected in person. Also I think research does need to be made on some pieces (where it came from...lineage...etc.) to show if items came from a reputable site or person.

Too much trickery involved, not saying from this thread, but the owner REALLY wishes for one to be deemed authentic, Sadly he is going on fb pages where these collectors just don't know what to look for...

I am no expert, but the piece as a whole tells the true story.
For some maybe. However I certainly learned something and I'm thankful for the input. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
Ok you have won me over!
Great points Adam, research def!!

I like all the comments and suggestions here. Here's what I learned or was confirmed from this discussion:

  1. Always see the entire piece, especially before you say you think an autograph is genuine.

  2. Look at exemplars regularly!

  3. Unless an autograph is clearly, no question fake, look at it at least a couple of times before giving an opinion. Go back to it a while later and then comment.

  4. This is the most important thing, and what's I feel is missing from most TPAs: Have more than one person who knows the subject's autograph look at the piece! That would greatly reduce errors by reputable TPAs. It should be mandatory.

  5. I think that seeing an autograph in person is mostly to confirm authenticity. The vast majority of forgeries can be determined from a good image.



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