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I thought that with the Carly Rae Jepsen CD but even though it has 'shipped' the tracking hasn't updated for a week so i'm getting worried.

Thanks it is a shame UK has an extra item with extra cost but I've resold those before someone will want that extra item.

Does anyone know if ordering American ones will get customs/vat import charges as I'm based in the UK? I really don't want a cassette.

Thank you :)

Not in my experience, but I guess it depends how many you order. Ordered mine from the USA, no way I'm dealing with those cassettes again, the signed insert always arrives damaged.

As long as they mark it correctly at $12 you’re fine as anything under £15 doesn’t need import charges

Thank you that's great.

I ordered to EU and they added VAT at checkout. It still ended up cheaper than the German/ UK ones.

Thank you,I didn't realise I ordered though 2 meaning it goes over UK customs charges,are you UK based also then?

That UK £15 I believe was scrapped a few years ago. I think anything under £120 is assumed tax taken at the point of payment made as such tax should be collected at point of payment but that bit about the £120 is based on my experience and as such only assumed however the £15 is certainly not the case anymore.

Thank you

You're welcome! Happy to hear y'all like this :)

I added the UK options.

They added about 5000 more on the US site.. stock is 7835 now



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