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Totally agree  PFCollector !!! 

Shania's "autograph" on these is just a capital "S" and a line and a dot.

Looks like this:


Why buy it on eBay for $10 when you can buy it on her website for $12?

I won't actually do either one, I'm not a huge fan of her music. I like a few of her songs and definitely like her looks (or at least did when I/she was younger anyway)... not enough to want a signature though. I only looked at the $20 plus shipping Newbury ones that were just posted... but it was a joke since these have been for sale for so long they're essentially worthless, yet people are still trying to flip them on eBay like they got something special. 

She either didn't get nearly as many sales as expected, or she's going to sign a billion and they'll look like the Lady Gaga checkmark signatures... but here's to hoping they look relatively decent, and not secretarial or autopen for those that did buy them. 



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