Hi everyone!

So I've been looking to buy a set of Beatles autographs for a little while now, and I'm torn between whether I should go for this one, found on RR, which ends tonight:


The good news is it's oversized when opened, standing at 9x5 x 14.5." But it's a little more than I anticipated spending -- currently, the lowest possible next bid is $6,800, which is over $8,000 with the buyer's premium.

Now, I do recognize that I will likely not find another one this size for a while. But my question for you all is how good of a value this is? 

To be honest, I've been hoping to get a set for $5,500 or under, although based on my research it seems that may only get me an off-color, lower-tier, small page signed. If I keep a close eye on RR, can I get a quality set for a price like this eventually, one that goes for under estimate ( (not necessarily a big photo like the aforementioned auction, but maybe a more bolder set of signatures on a bigger album page)?

Or should I be expected to pay a higher rate for a more quality set -- an amount that would be not much less than the $8,000+ this magazine is going for?

Thanks for your help.

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Pug, I may be trying to post the images incorrectly. For me, if you click on the images I already posted, the entire image loads. I’ve also attempted to post jpg attachments with this message. 

Hi Marc, the embedded images do actually show in full if you click on them. I didn't know that before. Very nice indeed!!!

Very, very, nice display !!!!!

Thanks!  FYI, the accompanying black and white Hoffman photos were obtained from Tracks. Thanks, Jason Cornthwaite!



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