I'm getting ready to send in my first item for JSA Authentication.  It's a Mickey Mantle ROALB.  I'm a bit leery about having the authentication sticker put ON the ball and am considering having it just put on the LOA.  Are there thoughts on this?  Any effect on long-term desirability, either way?  I just don't want to have something on the ball that may cause other variations or types of discoloration or damage, in addition to age wear on the item.  But, if on-the-ball is the way to go, I may consider it.  Thanks!

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Great question. Personally, I've never cared for it. I have dozens of autographed Baseballs. And the ones I have authenticated, there are no stickers on them. Just never like them. They can fray, come undone, or even stain over time. It's just my preference, really. Not saying it's wrong.

Leave the sticker off the ball, imo.

Without the sticker on the ball, there is no way to prove that the ball was actually the one that was authenticated. The average buyer would consider the COA worthless unless the sticker is on the ball, matched the COA and the info in the database. If you want to send it in just for your own peace of mind, that's fine. But there are a lot of people here that can look at the ball that I would trust more than a JSA opinion. 

Personally, I have never sent anything to an authentication. I trust my own due diligence more than PSA or JSA's opinions. And I don't want stickers on my ball either. That said, for resale value.. a sticker from JSA, PSA or Beckett will result in a higher sale price 99% of the time. And it, apparently, doesn't bother the vast majority of collectors. 

You can always place the sticker on the ball should you decide to sell it. If you get a LOA you can request the sticker to be left off and it will be attached to the letter which can be placed on the ball where and when you want to place it. Plus, getting a full LOA also places a picture of your ball on their database for further verification.


They will do that? That's a little surprising. The sticker could be placed on any ball, not just the one that they authenticated. I would consider that a pretty big hole for forgers to exploit.  

They will leave the sticker off upon request.

but the u can sticker anything 

the coa is worthless unless its attached to the itiem

To reiterate what Joe W. said, the LOA contains a picture of the signature.

The LOA verification online contains that same picture of the signature.

It's a lot easier to fake a JSA sticker with a number that corresponds to a good COA with no picture than it is to duplicate every nuance of a photographed signature.

The sticker is irrelevant precisely because you can sticker anything, like you said. As such, there's no reason to put it on the ball itself.

Agree. NO STICKERS (say NO to free advertising, no to vandalism...).

To add: - I do not buy, sell or suggest anything marred with a sticker.

Agree. The picture should be enough to tie the two together.  Plus, it’s much easier for a sticker to end up falling off the ball.  

ROYALS FAN here as well.  At least we have the 2015 World Series Title to fondly reflect upon during these down times!



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