Bought from Alan Parker back in 2011/12

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IMO this is NOT authentic for the simple reason that the handwriting is by someone who has good and possibly educated penmanship

And the real Sid had neither of these skills haha

That's not completely accurate. Sid wasn't as dense as his image suggested. As far as penmanship's concerned, he was a budding young artist and very creative. He studied at an art college. He certainly wasn't an illiterate. 

Have you seen the letter he wrote entitled "What Makes Nancy Great"? 

I didn't say he was illiterate  

And he probably was as dense as I think he was... Since he could barely learn the basic bass riffs to simple punk music as even Johnny Rotten has openly stated. He was only in the band for his sex appeal. 

Maybe we have different opinions on this

But this hand is far too flamboyant for real Sid

Be that as it may.... This graph is not authentic 

There have been real signatures by sid where it's pretty neat. Probably given how out of it he was lol

Exactly the same. Says sid signed this a year before he died. But I've contacted memorabilia UK to see what Mark thinks. 

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Ok that's the second sid autographs I've seen that looks like mine. Alan Parker has a lot of memorabilia he put up one of Sid's padlock necklaces and Nancy's engagement ring to auction. The paper is very old, has that musky feel to it, the ink looks a bit faded. I'd say it's real. Ive included a pic of one from a music memorabilia site. However I'm getting it authenticated. I have a friend in the UK that has connections and can easily push it for me. 

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HI This Sid is a fake

I've just had a great idea. Mark Riddle from Memorabilia UK has helped me with things in the past, I'll send him that link and the pics, see what he says and see if he knows any good authenticators I can send it to. ☺

have you received any other opinions on this?

What did they say?

I wonder what a carbon dated test would reveal about that fresh looking ink? 

Wouldn't a black-light or infra-red light do better here? Whichever shows age disparity/disturbance? I don't think carbon dating is anywhere near accurate?



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